Getting Started

Seems that I’m required to keep a blog now that I have an author page but as I would rather spend my writing time creating the next book in the series, I will use this space to keep everyone updated on the progress on publishing Tikopia and also writing the next book.  So here’s a quick update:

I think the manuscript for Tikopia is nearly complete but then I have thought that quite a few times already and then someone makes a suggestion and I completely rehash it.  I am waiting on the cover art being completed anyway so its a good opportunity to put it away for a few weeks (again) and see if anything else comes to my attention.

Meanwhile I am working into the small hours on the website – it’s a massive learning curve so is taking ages.  Ive also writing seven chapters of the next book but even one line on what it is about would be a spoiler for Tikopia, so I’ll just leave you here and get on with it.