Cyberstalking is a Deadly Game


Louisa Clayman, aka Dark Web assassin Crail, makes a fortune covertly killing enemies of the British government and Crail’s identity is well hidden by layers of encryption on the Dark Web until Louisa meets and falls for internet gamer Rikard. When Rikard’s friend Markus starts cyberstalking Louisa, he doesn’t realise she is protected by a top level black-hat hacker whose life depends on guarding the identity of Crail. Who will win this cyber-game of cat and mouse and will Crail remain concealed?



Barbara M

This is a delightfully executed script of romance cleverly entwined with dark intrigue, surprising twists in the plot, keeping the reader entranced.  This is an easy read, with hope for a sequel.

Catherine D

Holy crap, what a read !!! I you like fast paced cyber crime thriller that will keep you on edge, this surprising book is for you. It is well constructed with several unexpected twists and the end is very … surprising. I’m looking forward to reading the next book of this series.

Sue D

Rachel Wright’s debut novel, Tikopia, introduces us to a secretive and dangerous world of internet intrigue  – ordinary people caught up in an extraordinary lifestyle of wealth, drugs and modern day assassinations.  It is also a contemporary love story – written in a refreshingly naïve and easy to read style, the story carries us forward on a rollercoaster of events that make it hard to put down. Love is priceless and life is cheap… I for one am looking forward to reading Wright’s sequel. 

Jason B

The title made me think this was going to be an odd book, but in the end it was actually really good. It had elements of mystery, tons of action, plus romance. I found myself excited to get home each night and pick it back up again. The characters were interesting and the story kept me wrapt up enough to read it quickly. If you are into thrillers, this is a good choice. 🙂

John L

What a delightful book. Such a combination of danger and suspense with the assassin story line, along with a very hot and sexy romantic story. Thoroughly enjoyed the ebb and flow of the narrative as told through the eyes of each of the main characters, along with a separate one for the target assignments. I am very anxious and excited to read the next book in this series. This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of the book.


Read and review this Hidden Gem, but was thrilled it was also offered on KU. Highly recommend this well developed cyber crime thriller. The characters are multilayered with intriguing moral issues to wrestle with. This riveting story stirs ones curiosity, fascinates as the characters achieve certain goals, stirs feeling of intense love and ultimate heart break. The story twists, turns into the very surprising final page. At the end Louisa’s Legacy is referenced and I could not find any trace of it on Amazon. Would really like to know what journey could unfold next