Crail Assassin Book 1

Lurking in the sinister byways of the Dark Web is an assassin by the name of Crail. Hired by governments, and with a penchant for vigilante justice, Crail has become something of an urban myth. No one knows the identity of this killer… no one, that is, except Louisa Clayman, CEO of Clayman Security.

 Louisa runs Clayman Security with her two brothers and there is a very good reason why she knows the identity of the internet’s most notorious killer.

 Because Louisa Clayman is Crail.

 Advertising on the Dark Web and taking payment through Bitcoin, the siblings’ assassination business is literally ‘booming’. Everything is going smoothly until Louisa meets Rikard, a celebrity internet gamer. What begins with innocent flirtation soon develops into a steamy romp that sees Louisa and Rikard jetting off to the island of Tikopia, a mysterious paradise adrift on the Pacific Ocean.

 Rikard is besotted with Louisa, but his best friend, Markus, isn’t. Distrusting and suspicious, Markus begins to stalk Louisa online. Fearing that their cover is about to be blown, Louisa’s brother puts the island of Tikopia into cyber lockdown, disconnecting them from the world. Paranoia and fear run rife as the situation spirals out of control triggering a chain of events that will change everything.

 As her world begins to collapse, Lousia realizes that killing is easy and life is cheap but love is priceless. And as the dust settles and the cyber-shockwaves subside, only one question remains…

 Will Crail survive?

Tikopia cover final

About the Author


Rachel Wright

Rachel lives in the forest with her family on the outskirts of a small town in the Scottish Borders.  She studied Science at University in New Zealand before moving to the UK in 1997 and in 2007 set up a medical distribution company with her husband.  She began writing when she found herself driving long distances for work every week and started to make up stories to pass the time. 

The idea for Tikopia began after scanning the pacific ocean on Google Earth  and it was only a matter of time until characters and plot were added.  The outline of the story was written in 2013 and then it was put aside and forgotten until 2017 when she met a friend who had successfully published his own thriller.  Inspired to complete the project, she worked weekends and evenings to finish it. 

She is now working on the 2nd book in the Crail Assassin series and also has a rough plan for the third book.